Thursday, July 19, 2012

12 Weeks (Yes, that's 3 months)

Jane- you are officially what they call "a perfect baby". Seriously. You have been letting mommy get some serious sleep this week and that makes me happier than you can imagine. One night, I fed you and put you to bed at 7, just like normal. And then you didn't get up until 7 (the next morning)!! (I did have to put your paci in at 5). And since then, you have been doing 7-7 every night. (With varying paci issues). I feel more rested than I have felt in a long time... Just in time to head out on our vacation to Alaska for a week. We are excited to get away and get a break from the heat. But we also wonder if this is one of the worst decisions we've made. We'll let you know in a week. 

And without further ado... The Perfectly Chubby Sweet Baby Jane
(this week's photo shoot has too many outtakes, but they are so funny)

Love to suck on our bottom lip lately... 

Think I'll drool on my sign, thanks. 

Giving my giraffe some snuggles. 

I literally think she discovered her feet in this EXACT moment. 

Why are you trying to sit me up when I can't really sit?!

Sweet, sweet baby. 

Uh, what are those things??

No really. What ARE they?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

11 Weeks Young

Baby Jane- I am not sure how this is possible, but I love you more every single day! You bring more fun and joy than I ever thought possible. Now, don't get me wrong... you keep me busy! Who knew one little {big} baby could keep a momma so busy! You are a great sleeper, settling into 3 naps a day, 2 of which are over 2 hours long! You are starting to sleep 12 hours a night, only waking once to feed (and a couple other times for the paci). Doing our weekly photo shoots is actually a bit more of a challenge than I would have thought. You are so sweet and smiley, but by the time I get you to smile at me and put the camera to my face, you stop smiling. I think I need an assistant! 

About to yawn... this is boring, Mom. 

Uh, what are Jake and Ruby doing over there??

This is what happens when you are propping me up and I don't know how to sit yet. 

And now look what you did. You smudged my sign. 

Just leave me alone. I'd rather chew on my dress. 

Check out those rolls! 

I love you, sweet girl. I have always wanted to be a mommy, and you are making it so much better than I even imagined. You are so sweet and happy, and your daddy and I love every second with you. You love books and your daddy's made-up songs. You are starting to notice Jake and Ruby and think that they are pretty funny and interesting. You upgraded to your big girl stroller and are loving our morning walks. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Weeks

This was a busy week, and somehow I did not get to do your official 10 week picture. Slacker Mommy! The instagrams I took on your 10 week birthday will have to do! We actually went to GoGo and GrandDad's on this day so that you could spend some time with Baba and Papa. They just loved getting to see you and hold you. Baba grabbed you as soon as she came in the door,  and you just loved cooing and talking and smiling with her. It pretty much melts Mama's heart to see you with her. The two Janes loving each other! 

My favorite 10 week old girl!! 

Then, on Tuesday, we packed it up and headed to the lake for a long weekend! We look like the Beverly Hillbillies, our car overflowing with food, baby-gear and dogs! But we had SUCH a good time. You are such an easy baby to have there. You take 3 naps a day, at least one of which is 2.5 hrs long. And also take about  a nap a day on the dock. You love the boat rides and mommy loved getting to ski again! The Scott family and GrandNan and Pops were there with us and you had such fun with everyone there. Your cousins adore you and love to talk to you and play with you. Catherine loves to hold you and pick you up, and you don't mind at all! GrandNan spent a lot of time watching you while we played on the dock and in the water. What a great week! You are officially a lake baby and we couldn't be happier about it! 

You slept so well at the lake, going to bed at 7 every night. You wake up for one night feeding (and a few paci placements) and then sleep until 6 or 7. What a rockstar! You are so sweet at bedtime, loving to snuggle your puppy lovie. We always sing you a song or two at bedtime, and then put you down with your paci and lovie. You then soothe yourself to sleep- such a sweet girl! 

This is you taking one of your naps on the swing on the dock. 

Your puppy, Rufus (named by Daddy) has become a sleep-time staple. You love to hold him and rub your fingers on him while you fall asleep. Coincidentally, he also helps to hold your paci in while you sleep. ;)

Hanging out in the island with Daddy. You have so many cute bathing suits, but since you are only in them, for 10 minutes at a time, we end up just throwing on a swimmie diaper and putting you in the water. Who doesn't love a naked baby??

You truly are that good, easy, sweet baby we dreamed of having! Thank you for making this time so sweet and so much fun. Every day is something new and fun, and we are LOVING it! 

9 Weeks!

Somehow, I can't keep up with how fast this little girl is growing! I am loving every minute of my time off with her (so I don't want to spend much time at the computer!). However, I am going to try to get caught up on these posts. I have decided that I will only do weekly posts through the end of my maternity leave, which is 16 weeks. I find myself getting sad that the end of this time is creeping up on me... But in those moments of being sad, I try to be thankful for how amazing this has been and just choose to focus on living in that moment with her.  And know that I love my job as a nurse and am beyond thankful that I get to be a nurse AND a mommy. Enough of that for now... I'm getting a little teary-eyed :)

Jane, you are such a joy! Each week, your little personality emerges a little more. You are such a good and easy baby, and your mommy and daddy are so thankful! We are still playing the paci game at nap and bed times, putting it in a couple of times to keep you asleep. However, we will take it since you continue to be such a good sleeper (besides that small issue!).  You are consistently going to bed at 7pm and waking up once to feed, and sleeping until 6 or 7 am. Whoa! Your weeks pretty much consist of napping and visiting with all of our amazing family and friends. This week, we went to have lunch at GrandNan's house and you were able to visit with your cousins! They all adore you and take turns talking to you and playing with you. So sweet. Then, when Daddy had to go out of town for a few days, you and I packed it up to GoGo and GrandDad's house for a few days. Again, you bring so much fun and joy to our lives! We spend a good amount of time at the pool, and you love the water (in 15 minute chunks!). You play in the water and then go nap for a couple of hours, so mommy can enjoy it too. 

Here are your pictures from this week taken in your room. We spend lots of time in this chair, rocking and reading. So special. 

Jake is quickly becoming your BFF. Wherever you are in the house, he is there too. Every time I take you to your room to change you or put you down, he comes in there and lays down too. He is so sweet and gentle with you, only giving you the occasional lick. 

You are loving your playmat more and more, and we spend lots of time up in the bonus room. You lay on your mat or sit up in your bumbo. Such a big, strong girl! 

We love you so much, Jane, and cannot imagine our lives without you. You make each day more fun and special. We treasure these times with you and pray each night that you always know how loved you are- by us and by God.