Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 Months (that's half a year, y'all)


Just when I think I couldn't love you any more... I do. I really feel like my heart can't even stand it. You have taught and continue to teach me SO much about love. You bring so much joy to our lives, and being your Mommy is the best thing I have ever done. I thank God every single day for giving you to our family. I cannot believe that it has been 6 whole months since you have been born. The time is just flying by (just like they all said it would!). Your six month check up went perfectly, of course. Dr. Buie specifically commented on the fact that she loves that she never sees you- you are SO healthy! 

Here are the stats at 6 months:
18 lbs. 8.5 oz (92%)
27.5 in (97%)

We were shocked that you dropped from the 97th percentile to the 92nd for weight... you are such a big, healthy girl. You are wearing 6-12 month clothes and busting out of those quickly... especially your footie pajamas because you are SO long! 

You are officially sitting up by yourself and we are trying to encourage you to push up on your hands and knees. You don't like to lay on your tummy and get frustrated so quickly! You can roll from back to tummy, as well as tummy to back... although you prefer for us to do it for you and bring you all your toys! You still love your little piano-playstation and if you are fussy, you immediately get happy. You love walks, and have started to really love to swing! Really, you just love to be outside, which we both love. You are jabbering and talking, saying all the baby things like dadadadada and babababa and mamama. You starting humming when you are fussing and it sounds like "mmmmmmm". We mostly think its really funny. You are so smiley and happy, but we have to work super hard to get a giggle or laugh out of you. Sometimes when Daddy is tickling you, you shreak and squeal so loud, but still don't laugh. You dressed up as an elephant for your first Halloween and it was the cutest thing e-v-e-r.  You are still bald, but your blonde fuzz is growing and coming in quite nicely. I love your sweet little head! We both just love to come home and play with you at the end of the day. And we often argue over who gets to go up and get you out of your bed in the morning... you are so happy and cute! It's the best. You are still sleeping from 7-7 and don't do well staying up past your bedtime. You are taking 2 naps a day... each ranging from about 1-2 hours. You definitely need your beauty sleep and are a much sweeter girl when you've had good naps. You still love to eat (duh), and we have yet to find a food you don't like. I have made some baby food for you- apples, squash, sweet potatoes, edamame, broccoli, peas, green beans, avocado. You aren't too sure about the texture of the edamame or avocado, but you eat it anyways! You are still nursing/ taking bottles 4 times a day. I love those times with you. You are so sweet and just a little cuddle bug. Daddy gives you a bottle every morning when I'm working, and I know he loves that too. The dogs are more and more interesting to you, and you are reaching for and grabbing them- and they love you too! 

I could just go on and on... Janie-bear. We love you so much. Thank you for all the joy you bring to our lives. We can't imagine our family without you! 

These photo shoots just get more and more interesting! She just wants to pat and smudge and chew up the sign... but the faces just get better and better! 

oh, this face! look at those cheeks. they are the most kissable thing you can imagine! 

give me that thing. 

oh, and i'd just prefer to chew on this giraffe, thanks! 

these toes... also so kissable! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jane: 5 (and a half) Months

Life is in full swing over here, and I cannot believe how quickly the weeks fly by. I have started back to work, so our five month post got a little delayed... Work is going great. I am loving being back with all of my friends, and doing a job that truly gives me a lot of satisfaction. It is actually wonderful to get to work with kids everyday... it gives me lots of opportunities to talk about Jane! And I think in any other environment, I would be very annoying. You guys, I have been around babies my whole life... it seems impossible to be so obsessed with one tiny human. But I am. I just love this girl! She lights up my life in a way I didn't even know I was missing! She is just a little (or BIG) bundle of love and joy. I can't get enough of her. I do miss her when I work, but it has made me just that much more thankful for our days off together. I eat up every second of playing, feeding, diapers, laundry, napping, and all the other things that were starting to feel mundane. At the end of September, Rob and I were able to go on a little 5 day trip to Destin with some of our best friends. We all left our kiddos at home, and had an amazing, relaxing trip. Jane stayed with her GoGo and Grandad, and had the best time. I missed her so much, but it was a much needed break for us, and I would do it all over again. We came home tan and rested... But boy, was I happy to see her! 

Jane is growing and changing daily, and doing all the exciting  (or not really) things that babies do:
- She REALLY wants to sit up and is working really hard at it. Poor thing is tired of laying on her back and loves to be in an upright position as much as possible. 
- I think she is actually teething right now, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a first tooth! 
- She has been eating cereal for about a month and baby food for a few weeks. She loves it- big surprise. This child loves to eat! 
- She is smiling ALL the time and has started to just grin at strangers who talk to her... I love that and just want her to be super friendly. 
- She is fascinated by Jake and Ruby- always watching them, and lately she is wanting to grab at them. 
- She is going to be the next "Hands McGee" and wants to reach and grab anything in our hands... and then put it in her mouth!  
- We lay her dow to sleep on her belly, but she quickly rolls to her left side. And then ends up on her back and all over the crib by the time she wakes up. She is still sleeping from 7-7... I told you she's amazing! With about 4 hours of napping during the day. All this sleeping and eating, she is still at the 97th percentile! 

Oh, this sweet little grin melts my heart. 

Bald little peach-fuzz-head. 

Lately, EVERYONE says how she looks just like her daddy. 

Still loving the thumb. 

I have a feeling this is just going to get more and more complicated! 

This girl loves her lovies. Anything in this soft fabric is a lovie, and as soon as  she feels it, the thumb goes in her mouth! 

Jane, you can't even begin to imagine how much your daddy and I love you. You have changed our lives in SO many ways, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We never thought we would be so content to be home every night by 6:30! You are such a gift to us, and we can't wait to watch you continue to grow. This is my prayer for you every night: May God bless you and keep you, and make his face shine upon you, and give you peace. We love you, little bug. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Jane Emerson: 4 Months Old!

I loved Jane from the minute I laid eyes on her. Actually, I think I loved her even when she was still in my tummy. But now, I L-O-V-E her. Really and truly, ya'll. When she was a newborn, I loved her but I didn't have this I-can't-get-enough-can't-live-without-her love. That love is in full bloom around here... and I don't think its just me. Rob is pretty smitten with this baby too. Jane Emerson, you continue to provide more joy and fun than I could have imagined. You make me smile and melt my heart faster than anything else. 

Jane is now 4 months old! I truly can't believe it. I have obviously slacked off on my blogging and did not meet my weekly picture goal. But that's fine. I quickly started to realize my maternity leave was coming to a close and I wanted to soak up every. single. second. And I really think I did. I have now completed my first week back at work, and it was great! I was so happy to be back with people I really enjoy, doing a job that brings me a lot of satisfaction. I got to talk about Jane all day and show off pictures of my sweet girl. The time flew by, and before I knew it I was home, holding her. I am working 3 days a week from 6 to 4:30 at Vanderbilt Children's. I am working in the Holding Room/ PACU, taking care of children before and after surgeries. I have worked here on and off since 2007, and the people there are truly friends. My mom will be keeping Jane for these first couple of weeks every day that I am working. And in two weeks, my sister will be moving to Nashville and will be keeping Jane 2 days a week. Jaime's husband, Eric, is an engineer for the Navy and is being deployed for 6-9 months (bummer!). The only upside is that Jaime will be moving here temporarily and is going to nanny for Jane for those months. She is working on her Master's in Accounting online right now, and will be able to work on that at the same time. We are beyond thrilled with this set-up, and I know that it is making my return to work SO much easier. Seriously, I can't even put words to how much it means to be leaving her with family. Anyways, we are super thankful as we step into this new phase of life! 

Jane, you are doing something new every day, and I am loving watching you grow and discover your little world. Here are some things you have been doing lately:

- You are still eating about every 3-4 hours during the day. It's pretty much your favorite thing in the world (as evidenced by all that yummy chub), and you cry when mealtime is over :).
- At night, you go 12 hours between feedings, which is amazing for me! 
- You had acquired a nasty paci habit, and were crying out for it about 4 times a night. So, two weeks ago, we cut the paci cold turkey. We had a rough couple of days (GoGo came to help!), but you were a rockstar. After 3 days, you were hardly fussing when we laid you down and were sleeping so much better. You have now learned to self soothe, and are happy to go to sleep in your bed and often wake up and lay there and talk and play for a long while. 
- This past week, you have discovered your thumb. You pop it in your mouth when you start to get sleepy, and it definitely calms and comforts you immediately. It's pretty cute, and I love that you can find it and put it in yourself. 
- We lay you down to sleep on your tummy, but you immediately push to your left side to sleep. You can roll from your tummy to your back, which took a while to figure out! 
- You are so smiley, and are working on laughing. Sometimes I can't believe how big you are smiling without laughing. The best is when we come in to get you in the morning. You have THE biggest smile on your face. 
- You love walks in the stroller- which is good because we go walking daily. 
- You love to coo and talk, and it makes me and your daddy smile just to hear you. 

We love you, Jane, and can't imagine life without you. Thank you for all you add to our little family and we look forward to continuing to watch you grow. 

This is the best smile I could capture. Who knew it would be so hard to capture that smile?!

Found my thumb. 

Dresses are so cute, but all she does is pick them up and stuff them in her mouth! Needless to say, we took it off after the photo shoot. 

This is boring, Mom. 

This face is hilarious... But it really is the face she makes before she starts to fuss. Check out those chinS. 

I took this because I just want to be sure to remember that sweet little bald head! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

12 Weeks (Yes, that's 3 months)

Jane- you are officially what they call "a perfect baby". Seriously. You have been letting mommy get some serious sleep this week and that makes me happier than you can imagine. One night, I fed you and put you to bed at 7, just like normal. And then you didn't get up until 7 (the next morning)!! (I did have to put your paci in at 5). And since then, you have been doing 7-7 every night. (With varying paci issues). I feel more rested than I have felt in a long time... Just in time to head out on our vacation to Alaska for a week. We are excited to get away and get a break from the heat. But we also wonder if this is one of the worst decisions we've made. We'll let you know in a week. 

And without further ado... The Perfectly Chubby Sweet Baby Jane
(this week's photo shoot has too many outtakes, but they are so funny)

Love to suck on our bottom lip lately... 

Think I'll drool on my sign, thanks. 

Giving my giraffe some snuggles. 

I literally think she discovered her feet in this EXACT moment. 

Why are you trying to sit me up when I can't really sit?!

Sweet, sweet baby. 

Uh, what are those things??

No really. What ARE they?