Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Progress...

Well, January 1st marked 5 months of being back in Nashville... AND it marked 5 months of living with Jim and Nanci... Needless to say, we think the time has come to spread our wings :). The best news ever (besides the news of Baby B, of course!) is that we have a contract on a house! We are set to close at the beginning of February and are praying and hoping that all continues according to plan. Honestly, we are beyond excited about our new home and we both cannot wait to move in. We have done our fair share of moving over the last 3 years, and look forward to having the same address for more than one calendar year. (I wanted to put exclamation points at the end of all the previous sentences. THAT is how happy we are, folks.)

Our new little home is right in the heart of East Nashville... exactly where we wanted to be. We are within walking distance to church and so many of our dear friends, in addition to being walking distance from our favorite park, dog park, coffee shop and dozens of delicious restaurants. Besides the fabulous community, the house itself pretty much hits every major point on our checklist. We first spotted the place when it was a little ole' shack on a big lot... We've kept track of it as they leveled the shack, and have since built an adorable home on the old foundation. It is 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It even has a garage!!! (If you know East Nashville at all, you know this statement is worth 3 exclamation points). It also has a little upstairs bonus room/extra living space, which was another big point on our checklist. We are beyond thankful and excited, and are sooooo looking forward to February.

Meanwhile, I am keeping myself busy doing some "nesting". I have taken the chance to be able to refinish and repaint several pieces of furniture that were desperately needing a makeover. I have been loving Pinterest and all the projects it inspires and have taken the oppurtunity to do a few of them including building/upholstering a new headboard. It has been fun and has totally helped me feel like I am getting ready for our new home and new little one.

Speaking of the little one, I will have to post some new "bump" pictures soon. I feel like I have really, really started to look pregnant lately. The past few weeks, I have had people asking me randomly when I am due or if I know what I am having. It still catches me off guard every time! Baby Girl is as active as can be, spending her days jumping and leaping around in there. I just had my 24 week appointment, and everything looked great. Her heartbeat was strong (and fast!) and my tummy was measuring right at where it should be. All good things for this momma to hear.

We are waiting on revealing her whole name until she gets here... but everyone who has been around us has heard us call her "Baby Jane". This is because her middle name is definitely going to be Jane, and she is going to go by Jane. We absolutely both love the name, and I am so thankful it was so easy for us to agree. It is actually my grandmother's name, who also happens to be one of our favorite people in the world. (She sort of deserves a whole post about how fabulous she is). That is why Rob loves the name so much- you can't help but adore my Baba. She is one of the most kind, loving, smart, spunky, humble and Godly women that I know. Little Jane has a lot to live up to, and I cannot wait for them to meet each other.

So, that's the latest around the Bauchiero house. I decided I should get a post out there even if it didn't have any pictures. I did tell you guys I was going to be better about maintaining this blog!

Pictures to follow soon....

Much Love on behalf of Team Bauchiero.