Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some iPhone pictures

So, for those of you who have Instagram, you will want to skip this post... For those of you who don't have it- you should! It's this really neat app on an iPhone that you can take and post pictures on. It has all these cool filters you can apply to your pictures to give them a fun/artsy look to them. And then you can post them for your friends and followers to see... like Twitter but just with pictures. I know, I know... technology. However, I love it. I actually think it should be called momstagram because so many of my friends (and I) post tons of pictures of our kids. Which is fun! I also like to call mine "Janestagrams". (Get it?!)

This is Baby Girl laying in her favorite spot in the whole house... her changing pad (which currently resides on the dining room table. Our house is babyland.) She will lay there for 10 minutes at a time just kicking and looking around. All these silly toys we have for her and this is where she wants to lay! 

I will give you two guesses as to what she is doing in this picture :). Let's just say it is serious business. The faces and sounds that she does are hilarious! 

Those sweet blue eyes! I hope they don't change... 

Aunt Jaime came to visit for a week and we had SO much fun! She has the magic touch with Jane and is able to calm her down and keep her entertained! We loved every second of getting to hang out with her. Please note Jake making a cameo in the background. Don't the kids these days call this a photobomb?

Jane is always so alert right after she eats... 

Janie-girl taking her first bottle from her daddy. She did fantastic! 

We went to the lake last weekend with Rob's parents and his brother Ryan and his family. Baby Jane was a rockstar! This is her in her basket, sleeping in the back of the boat. For the record, the boat is in the dock, in complete shade. Homegirl slept like this for 3 hours! And this mommy was thrilled to have some uninterrupted sun-worshipping time with just me and my book! 

This is how we spend most mornings... Jane in her (huge) jogger and the dogs. One big happy family taking a trip to the dog park! 

Ah. This face. Be still my heart. I just love her so much! I also love this face because I feel like you can see that she is a total blend of me and Rob. People always say she looks just like me... but I totally think she has her daddy's eyes (and a lot of his expresssions!) Just look at that furrowed brow :)

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Newborn Pics


As of yesterday, Baby Jane is one month old! We honestly cannot believe how quickly a month has gone by! And at the same time, it feels like she has always been a part of our lives. Strange how that works... She is constantly changing! Still eats and sleeps pretty well. We aren't sleeping through the night or anything, but are thankful for how well she is doing. She is also more awake, and is still figuring out how to be awake without fussing. This is a work in progress :). 

Just wanted to show off some sweet pictures we had taken a couple weeks ago. We had a friend from church, Debbie Barnett, come over and take some "newborn pictures" of Jane. Considering this girl has never been a newborn size, we had a hard time getting her to sleep or to do any of the traditional newborn poses! Debbie was so patient, and we were able to snag some really sweet pictures of the family. I love these pictures and I really feel like they have captured all of us pretty well :). 


(I feel like she looks SO much like Rob in this picture! It's the face she's making :))

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just Some Pictures

These are all of the pictures I have on my camera... Might as well add them to my little online documentation of this baby. Enjoy! 

Meeting Sweet Baby Jane for the first time. Ah, y'all. This moment seems so long ago. But it was just the sweetest... Also, please excuse the terrifying vampire-esque look I've got going on. It was a long night... (oh, and the camera was on a crazy setting, so excuse the funny color.)

Oh, hey chubby girl. 

Documentation of how big our baby girl was!

This picture is not oriented right, but please look at that face! This is the day she went home from the hospital... and she still makes this sweet face daily. 

Lil chubby girl

Snuggles with daddy

Meeting her cousins! Big cousin Catherine (8). They are destined to be buddies. Rob told Catherine that when Jane is older, we will let Catherine pay us to babysit her :)

Jenna and Baby Jane

Proud cousin Carter

Jane and her Pa

GoGo and Janie-bug

This picture just makes me want to cry. This is Baby Jane with my grandmother, Jane Fray. This is her namesake... so so special. Little Jane is going to love her Baba and is the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing namesake. 

Baba and Papa came all the way from Crossville to meet their great-grandbaby! 

Cheeks. Lips. Just sweetness. 

Melt. My. Heart. 

There will be more... I promise! 

Love, L